Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Chris Creosote Gets Another Bite

From Album4
He was likely going to win anyway, but the national Democratic party bailing on the race was...sad, if not shameful.


  1. It isn't bad enough that the two(???) parties gerrymander the crap out of every district in the country, now they have allowed to have "safe" seats in the governors houses as well? Well, this just keeps re-enforcing my personal take on the US of A. We do NOT have two parties. We do have the two, not at all different, wings of the war party. The war party exists to ensure that the very rich get ever richer. After all, their motto is, "Enough? There is NEVER enough!". And by whatever god you may believe in or not, they mean that 100%. The war party does love war, but only because they never do the dirty work of war, that is left to the working class and the poor. No, the war party, both wings of it, profit from war. The war party includes, among others, the Wally Street banksters (scammers), the greedy "defense" contractors, the military-industrial complex, International Finance, etc., etc..
    Nearly every member, 535, of both houses of congress, the supreme court, and the executive branch of the US gummint are in it as well.
    I do accept that we actually DO have a few, very, very few, brave members of congress. However, until we get more than a very small handful of such real Americans in both houses, I refuse to capitalize the word congress as applies to the US gummint.
    That a supposed major US political party would allow a race for governor to go totally without any sort of challenge is beyond belief. True, I took high school civics in 1966, the year I graduated from high school and yes, the country has changed since then. NOT for the better in my opinion. The fault lies with parents and teachers/school boards. First, student rights. When I was in school, K-12, the only rights we students had was to obey the teachers or get punished at school and then at home by the parents. Also, thanks school boards, they no longer even attempt to try and teach critical thinking in the nations' schools. Sad, but to me, this is the major reason we are so screwed, blued, and tattooed today.
    Just my own opinions.
    Thanks for allowing me to comment here sir.

  2. Well, this one was just sad, and yeah, very much in line with your view about one party, mostly indivisible, and representing...the fat cats and top of the heap.

    As I said, Buono was likely going to lose anyway, but what little I heard suggested she was reasonable decent, which means heads and shoulders above the Jersey Whale (as Tbogg put it so aptly). Bailing on her was and is shameful, and...well, again, proof of your observation.

    Meanwhile, DINO Ted McAuliffe almost blew it in Virginia (where I lived for a while as a kid -- I think I mentioned dad was career Navy)...anyway, he's the embodiment of "lesser of evils," though, as Chris Hitchens once said (yeah, Hitchens, but...), anyway, as he once said, come to think of it, about another Virginia race (Chuck Robb v. Ollie North), the problem with lesser of evils is that the evils keep getting worse...