Thursday, November 07, 2013

If We're Going There, Just Saying...

From Album 5
Sure, Obama made a mistake...but if you want to talk lies...and worse.


  1. The drone king (Obama) could have avoided all the mess had he made certain that the US finally had real national health care for all. It could have been like universal Medicare or some other sort of national health like other civilized nations have.
    The "jokes" from Shrub are beyond disgusting. His pantomime that he did about the "missing" (as in never had them) MWD's in Iraq was never funny at all. So many died for his lies, and yet he remains free in this country. Same with Mr. 5 deferments Cheney and others of both of the administrations of W. Shrub.

  2. Well, yeah, Medicare for all is the logical solution. My own opinion, backed up by zero evidence except it's what I think is...Obama is, at heart, a fairly conservative person...after all, he's done pretty good in his life, even before entering politics. The "godless socialistic plan" that is Obamacare is...the AEI/Bob Michels/Bob Dole alternative to Hillarycare from the 1990s.

    Personally, it doesn't affect me at all, since I've got and still have employer provided insurance -- and I'm sure you know how that came about (wage and price controls during WWII for the most part); anyway, my own take on Obamacare's the LEAST society can do...but something had to be other words, it beats nothing at all, but only by a little.

    That said, watching the handwringing from people who were endoring this very "reform" barely two decades ago...and who conveniently ignore the massive lying about WMD while harping on, yeah, issues with insurance reform is...sick.

    And don't even get me talking about health insurance companies -- a while the 1990s in fact...Mutual of Omaha tried to badly screw me over and did succeed in making my life more miserable thanks to what for them is standard operating procedure -- deny claim(s), and hope the labyrinth they've built into the appeal process makes people give up and pay out of pocket.

    Asshole doesn't even begin to describe...

    Anyway, take it easy, have a good weekend...