Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Soundtrack Discovered To Ninth Circle Of Hell

From Album 5
They play it on endless loop...forever and ever and ever.


  1. Oh joy. There we go again. The (non) war on xmas. And, why, oh why, is failin' Palin returning from the trash can now? Oh, right, she "wrote" (yeah sure she did) a new book. And here I thought she was long gone. Nuts.

  2. Grifters gotta grift. And the former half-term governor is, I'll admit, very good at that...and not much else.

    A proud Happy Holidays to you from a Happy Agnostic/Secular Humanist who's never been upset about Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas (or Xmas), Happy Hanukkah (had to look up the spelling on that), Happy Kwanzaa...or hell, just Happy Winter Solstice for the rest of us, including the pagans.

    If you look for enemies, yeah, you'll find some...but the looking says far more about the Sarah Palins of this world than the rest of us...

  3. Thanks for the wishes. Same to you and yours.
    As to your conclusion, right ON!
    Of course, you know I neither follow nor belong to any religion. Man, I don't even have a political party. I just don't seem to "fit" in this country very well. I don't care though, so no problem.