Tuesday, December 10, 2013

And The Hissy Fits Commenceth

From Album 5
Oh, grow up, wingnuts. I swear, the GOP has the mentality of four year olds...


  1. Why would we be surprised at the reactions of McCrazy and his pals in the elephant/tea gang? If they has said something nice, THEN I'd wonder what they were up to.
    Four year old kids? More like severely retarded two year olds. Apologize to the truly retarded/mentally impaired children.

  2. Indeed -- mentally impaired children are generally better behaved...or at least can't wreak as much havok.

    Anyway, as to your thoughts about Gubnah Diaper Dave below...well, The Gret Stet, sad to say, has a history of craziness and it wouldn't surprise me if Bitter Vitter makes it...which, as awful as Booby was, might become a sort of good old days in relation. Vitter is exponentially worse.

    You know, as far as that goes...I don't object to prostitution, per se. Don't solicit myself, but I'm ok with consenting adults, well, consenting, provided it's not desperation on the part of people who have no other way to make money. It's the hypocrisy, particularly given that the Sinator ran on a "family values" platform. Yeah...

    But I read somewhere that he's got a lot of Repugs in his pocket, as it were, and is the "anti-Jindal," i.e., the one who will REALLY stick it to the poor. Yikes. And he clearly has zero empathy...as his awful Food Stamp amendment demonstrates.

    Lord help us...

    Oh, and there's no real opposition. Maybe Jay Dardenne...Mitch Landrieu would win New Orleans, but get swept everywhere else, including the NOLA burbs.

    Maybe you're read it already, but a really good book about Loosiana politics called The Earl of Louisiana -- obviously Earl Long is the central figure, but it's also a general volume -- anyway, the book covers the 1959 election, where deLesseps Morrison finished first in the primary, but got beat up in the runoff...whereupon the State legislature, just before adjourning, passes some sort of awful bill...if I remember, basically foregoing federal aid for poor children...because we all know WHO'S children they were.

    Same as it ever was.