Monday, December 09, 2013

Forgiveness For Me, But Not For Thee

From Album 5
One crime is conspicuously absent...


  1. Just proves once again that diaper Dave is a heartless rat b*st*rd. He claims to be such a "good" Christian and yet here he comes along with this. And some people wonder why I only set foot in church for family weddings and funerals of family/close friends. Does his wife still have him on a short leash?
    I'll stop now before my "Marine corps" language gets the better of me.

  2. The callousness, especially considering how he got a free ride on what should have been a career ender. And now he's running for governor...


  3. Wait, diaper Dave thinks he can be the next gubberner of Loosy Anna?
    Seriously? Please, please tell me this is a very sick joke. I have not kept up with the idiot elephant gang much lately. I do check and but this IS news to me.
    After 8 years of Booby, we are supposed to want diaper Dave? NO, this kind of crap could almost get me to find a religion just so I could have an invisible sky thing to pray to and ask in its name to not allow the state to suffer such a terrible fate. What did the people of this state ever do to deserve such a foul fate? At least at 66 I don't have many more years left, but, good grief, think of the children! Those poor innocent little kiddies. They deserve a real future, not this moronic vile hate filled fool.