Tuesday, December 17, 2013

From The Bureau Of False Equivalencies

From Album 5
Sorry, you can pretend all you want, but Dan Quayle was no Jack Kennedy...and Barack Obama is definitely no George W. Bush.


  1. Maybe it is just me, but doesn't the name "Fournier" sound a bit like "four year", as in four year old? Yeah, like a very spoiled four year old child in the midst of a nasty temper tantrum. The sort where the kid lays on the floor, kicking, screaming, and even crying all because
    somebody moved his favorite toy and now he can't find it. Or had just been told he MUST share the pack of cookies with his brother/sister.
    These GOPers, hmm, nice new name for them, gopers, sure are nuttier that those fruit cakes that everybody passes around but nobody ever eats. Yep, gopers, NOT goobers, they can be funny and are even quite useful at various times. Gopers are just petulant, spoiled, small minded (if they even have functioning minds that is), nasty little brats in need of a really good spanking.
    Granted, I think the drone king (Gobomber) is a waste of space, but no, this "article" by Fournier is too much garbage.

  2. Oh, Michael, you seem to be pushing my buttons recently with the articles you link to here. This is not a complaint mind you. Maybe I'm just getting my old brain back in gear after our November "adventure" the wife and I had.
    Any way, thanks for your blog and for allowing me to post my ranting comments.

  3. Hope the November adventure was...an actual adventure, and not an "adventure,"

    Anyway, Fournier's someone I've known about for a while -- he spent the early 2000 years in service to the Bush/Cheney regime, justifying all sorts of incompetence...and now he's shocked, shocked. No, he's just a good servant, akin to Nedra Pickler, Judith Miller, and, on the "academic" side, Amity Shlaes.

    All of them aspire to be ... David Brooks. And that speaks volumes.

    1. Michael,
      Thanks for your reply.
      Our "adventure" was a routine medical procedure that turned into a medical emergency. They were NOT related, in that the scheduled procedure did not cause the emergency. She did spend three days in hospital as a result. All better now, the after effects are nearly gone. We just were slow, very slow all month after she came home.
      Back to normal now, so all's well that ends well, as they say, or used to.
      We are having the sister Christmas get together here this weekend and the wife is ready for it. She has even told me to do less as she feels so much better. Hey, we're old, in our lid 60's, things happen. Just glad that the "adventure" happened in the hospital as it could have been extremely serious elsewise. Thanks for your concern.
      Oh no, we don't need any more Brooks types, one is about three too many. I'm not really a liberal, but I could never be any part of the Reich wing either. Where I "fit" on the political spectrum........beats me, off the charts is close. I think old Karl Marx wasn't radical enough.
      My politics is like my philosophy, the old Chinese menu joke, one from column A, one from column B, a drink, a desert, etc..