Thursday, December 19, 2013

Not Exactly Martyrdom

From Album 5
Shorter Rude Pundit:

Fuck [a] Duck Dynasty.


  1. Honest, I was not going to say a word about Duck Dynasty. The wife told me about it this afternoon after I got home from an appointment. What did the guy say, I asked. Something about his bible and gays, she replied. It is all over farcebook, she added. Oh says I, I do not do farcebook and will not. She has a family only page, well big deal, it IS a large family when you add the aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.. I still do not do farcebook. So, until I check here to see the daily post, I'd dropped the mess. Oh, I watched one episode of DD and didn't make the ending of the 30 minute show. Big deal, some supposed backwoods guys got rich from duck calls , oh and they live in Northeast Louisiana. OK, so what? The show didn't grab my attention, just another "reality" TV show. Dime a dozen, cheaper even.
    Well, I followed your link. Wow Rude Pundit takes no prisoners. Good on him. The DD guy can say anything he wants to, but, as Rude Pundit said, I do not have to tolerate his crap. If the show is canceled, they are still rich, so who will have any loss? Oh, A&E will as the show gets ratings and that means ad dollars.
    America, what a country.

  2. Yes, the guy's free to speak his mind...and yeas, A&E is free to do what they want, too...though I remember when A&E wasn't...running shows like Duck Dynasty.

    My .000000002 cents worth (the internet's done a number on 2 cents, so...) anyway, if he doesn't like gays or lesbians, that's his issue. But comparison to bestiality is unfair and disgusting, as is comparison to pedophilia. As to the Bible, a LOT of stuff in it is, as you know, no longer considered, um, kosher, no pun intended.

    Gays and lesbians might be different from heterosexual men and women, but that doesn't mean "not normal." And I especially think of the far-from-not-normal cases of transgendered or indeterminate gendered individuals who deserve the right to live without being labeled freaks.

    Do the Bible Thumpers really think god "made" them to be nothing more than objects of derision/fear/scorn?

    Same with gays/lesbians, and so on.

    So, let the guy speak, but allow the rest of us, too...and Robertson's "martyrdom" is...mighty cushy, under the circumstances. Hell, he'll probab;y get a gig on Pox News.