Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Thought this would be appropriate for Valentine's Day...why not? Otherwise, not much to say about this, except...Jesus wept.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Michael,
    I follow CB Forgotston and Louisiana Voice at their web sites/blogs. CB didn't bring this up......yet. He focuses mostly on the legislature and Boobys' other crapola.
    Louisiana Voice had a good take down of the great(??) Booby and his speech at the memorial to "saint" Ronnie of Raygun. Booby is a damn fool. IF he thinks (does he ever?) that this speech will keep him in the running to be president, I hope it follows him to the grave. What a fool, and to think this clown was a Rhodes Scholar? Yes, I know, so was diaper Dave Vitter and we know much about his "family values" among other things he'd like to keep hidden.
    Man, Booby cannot open his yap without a large slice of foot. He is a classic foot-in-mouth politician. He is an absolute hypocrite. I despise hypocrites. I refuse to hate, it takes way too much time to do properly, and I was taught by Dad and grandparents that whatever I do, I should do to my best ability. Hate takes too much time and effort and in the end, produces zero, at least zero worth having. My opinion here only of course, others may differ. Too bad...............LOL.
    Jindal is a clown, but a dangerous clown. Look at what he has done to this state since he became governor. I know, I have only lived in Louisiana since spring 2000, but damn, this IS my home now and I'll die in this state, so I DO give a huge care about it and the people who are my neighbors, even you down in Red Stick. Oh and all the people I used to hang out with odd weekends at Erwinville/State Capitol Dragway.
    Yeah, funny how a transplant to this state still cares about ALL the working class and poor people. Again, it is my home now and I care. When this clown finally leaves his office, we will find the full extent of the crap he has stuck us with. He does need to be in prison. Maybe he could get the same federal cell that Edwin Edwards occupied. Booby sure as hell earned that and more. This vile speech is just like icing on the cake. I do hope he ends up eating his cake, if not soon, then shortly after his current term is done.
    Oh, rumor has had it that he and diaper Dave are/were thinking about another "deal". Yeah, like the one Booby, Rodney Alexander, and Neil Riser did. Nice that it didn't work out for Riser. Wish it had blown up on Rodney as well. IF Dave and Booby do the "deal" maybe they will fail again. Man, from Booby to diaper Dave as governor! Do the citizens of Louisiana really want to be the absolute laughing stock of , not only the US of A, but the entire world?
    Sorry to rant on so long. In a "rare" mood, as in highly p.o.ed about this crap.

    P.S. Great Cat Blogging this week. Love that one, Sgt Pepper was/is a great album. Thanks for this one. have a great weekend. It is supposed to be upper 60's/ low 70's here. Amazing no snow!

  2. Nah, no problem on the long comment...especially here. It's one thing to be craven, it's quite another to claim victimhood, particularly when the cause -- their particular religion -- has quite the violent history, based in no small part on alleged victimhood. Yikes.

    And thanks on the Sgt. Pepper plus the cat. Better get back to him, though the warmer weather has him more his usual...very active...self. One of the few perks of the cold was his slowing down to roughly my own pace...

    Take it easy.