Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Raging Lunatic Throws Incoherent Hissy Fit

From Album3
In other words, just another Tuesday on the Limbaugh show.


  1. The more old Limpburger opens his yap and rants on and on, the more stupid he looks. The guy is getting on in years and what little brain he may have once had is nearly gone. That is what right wing crap combined with religion will do to a person. Well, he will never get any sympathy nor compassion from me. I despise the clown along with his blood brother Glenda b\Beckie. Now the guy I REALLY despise beyond all those still above ground is the vile, disgusting, perverted cowardly criminal Ollie the shit North. That rat bastard disgraced the USMC with his "only following orders" bullshit. We hung the Nazis for that shit at Nuremburg.
    I only listened to slush Limpburger once, many years ago and refuse to be bothered by the fool. Yes, he has a following, but morons do flock together but they turn on their "heroes" in a heart beat. The guy cannot keep his crap fresh any more, burned out and long overdue for it in my opinion.

  2. Oh, Ollie North is flat out awful. I knew someone who kind of, sort of knew him in the military (stationed at the same time in the same place in proximate units)...he said even the other brass couldn't stand him.

    Again, to me it's a matter of people behaving like children or grown ups. And Rush, et al, never seemed to get beyond a mental age of about 12...which would be fine if he was just another asshole sitting in a bar. But, goddamned, he's got a major political party groveling before him...geez.