Monday, February 24, 2014

They're Procuring Fewer Flintlocks, Too

From Album 5
The latest non-issue on the wingnut radar screen.

In other news, a certain politician decided to act like a baby today...guess who.


  1. Cut the size of ALL the military forces. The country would still be safer than ever.

    Oh boy, Booby just had to open his mouth. Well sure he did, he was on camera and we know that he loves the spotlight and the attention. This fool still thinks(??) he can be president? Just watch to see if he tries some deal with diaper Dave if old Dave does run for governor and wins, then appoints Booby to fill out his term.
    Bobby, Alexander, and Riser did that sort of deal, but poor old Riser lost. Hope the diaper Dave goes down in flames as well.

  2. Booby's doing his best to establish some wingnut street cred, and I think he's changed his hairstyle to make him look a little less goofy/Gilligan-ish. It won't work...but it does show the degree to which he'll stoop and pander.

    As for the military, hell, they can't even audit -- it's that big. But I guarantee if the media ever did their job, they'd find out a lot of wingnut congresscritters LOVE big government, at least when it's contracts, consultants, and/or middlemen for their districts.

  3. Michael,
    Your comments about the military are 100% correct. This from a former US Marine, Vietnam vet. The Pentagon, aka; five sided puzzle palace, cannot pass even a pre-audit, let alone a real audit. They are missing huge amounts of money at that place. Some claim it is in the trillions! Now THAT is some serious mislaid cash.

    As to Jindal and any sort of cred, I think he is totally lost and may as well just quit now and be done with the farce.
    Do you ever check out C.B.Forgotston? His web site has a count down till Bobby leaves office. His blog is at
    You may like his work.

  4. Oh yeah, I keep an eye out on Mr. Forgotston. No pun intended, but I sometimes, well forget to read him every day, but I've looked at his website -- I think I also saw him at a forum in New Orleans a few years ago. Thanks for the reminder...