Thursday, February 27, 2014


From Album 5
Who would Jesus hate? Of course, bigots citing religious justifications for bigotry tell you a lot about ... just how warped bigots are.


  1. This is another example of why I refuse to follow or believe in any religion. OK, let me qualify that, any organized religion. While many of the supposed holy books may contain an item or three that is useful, most of them are just made up false history and or silly things. My personal beliefs are just that, personal and I never have asked, nor will I ever ask, anybody to believe as I do or what I do.
    So often, religion is used as a weapon, not for any real good for people, with the possible exception of those who are at the top of said religion.
    Most religions claim to be good and peaceful/peace loving. Their actions show otherwise. The religious tend to be very thin skinned as well. They feel they can be very critical of things they dislike, but oh boy, hold on if you dare be critical of them or their beliefs. I call that double standards and I refuse to stop being open about what I see. When I see crap, I call it crap, no matter who does it or why. When I screw up, I can laugh at myself, maybe not immediately, but I will do so. the trouble with organized religion and its followers is, they never see the humor in themselves and are unable to ever laugh at themselves. I was taught that if you cannot laugh at yourself now and then, you have serious problems, and religion is NO help then at all.
    Sorry to have been slow with comments this week. We were in Sulphur all day Wednesday visiting family. The wife has a new great grand daughter, three weeks old now. Oh man, so tiny, and so perfect. What a mess she will have to slog through. Yesterday, the wife had a minor surgery, all went well, but that was another early day and I didn't even turn on the old computer.
    Hope all is well for you and yours. Nice weather here and should be until Sunday, they have rain chances for Sunday here.
    Enjoy your weekend Michael.

  2. Well, no problems on commenting, not commenting, or anything else Charlie. Glad you like stopping by, and yeah, I like reading what you say because, well...I appreciate people's thoughts...and, after all, I'm not doing this just for "therapy" (i.e., beats hollering at the teevee)...but...congrats on the new addition to your family. I wish her the best of luck, along with your wife...

    As for religion, more and more I think "religion," at least as defined by lunatics and bigots, is little more than justification for their lunacy and bigotry. Sort of man makes god, instead of vice versa...but isn't that the case? Whether or not there's something out there, far be it for us to even begin to understand. Laff -- our brains are just big enough to think about stuff we can't hope to understand.

    Well, cheers and have a happy Mardi Gras...