Monday, March 03, 2014

Babble On...Not Just An Ancient City In Mesopotamia

From Album 5 bugfuck crazy as ever.


  1. Oh no. I was thinking that Noonan had gone into to her hidey hole for the final time, nerve to come out again. She, along with the vile Carville/Matalin pair can all take a very long walk off a very short pier any time, the world will be much happier for it.
    Pay no attention to the Reich wingers popping out of the woodwork from time to time. How the "left" or better yet, the "progressive left" of America (both of which are nearly extinct) can do so much damage, and in the next sentence Noonan tells us this very same "left" is damaged. Don't these fools ever read their speeches before they give them? Do they all use ghost writers for the speeches they give and have no clue as to what will show up on the teleprompter?
    Political pundits, one of the least useful types of beings in the entire universe. Just my own opinion of course.

  2. Oh, but watch how quickly they turn when one of their favored candidates takes office.

    But what bugs me most is that the ostensibly "objective" journalists give these clowns a free ride. Hell, The Daily Show does a more thorough job of exposing their contradictions...