Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Emphasis On "Flake"

From Album 5
"Chutzpah" pronunciation expert Michele Bachmann now wants to lecture "the Jewish community" on how to be kosher...


  1. Well, the lunatic strikes again. Will this idiot ever just go away and keep her yap shut? If her god and Jeebus are so damn powerful, what do the zionists in Israel need with the US of A? I thought the god of the Jews/Hebrews/Christians was supposed to be all powerful, as in can't ever be beat, badest of the bad asses, ever. Omnipotent and all that jazz. I am certain Bachmann lost all contact with reality many decades ago, that is, IF she ever had even the least contact with reality ever. The more she rants, the fewer people stop to listen to her without deriding everything she says.

  2. What kills me most is the blissful imperative of their's not enough that they're, well, dumb...they want to drag us all down to that level (and evangelicals want to obliterate Israel in the end as part of their bizarro apocalyptic fantasies)...

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