Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I'd Like To Buy A Vowel An Election

From Album 5
Well, we mustn't let individual billionaires be outbid by corporations, can we?


  1. Well isn't that special? How "nice" of the nine Supremes to treat the very rich as the very extra "special" people they are. About time!

    OK, this is total crap. In my opinion, the members of the moronic nine (aka; 9Supremes) who voted in favor of this are beyond senile. They HAVE crossed over to the dark side, as their hero/pal "Mr. 5 deferments" Cheney did. This shows how out of touch with reality and how very little they care about the common citizens of this nation and their continuing desecration of the Constitution. A very sad day for the old, or should I say former, democratic republic.

  2. Free speech, to at least five of them, is...a commodity, to be bought and sold. Today the Rude Pundit got it nail-on-the-head: they essentially said a defense attorney who wins a case based on the evidence isn't any different from the defense attorney who wins by bribing a juror.

    And well all suffer as a result.

  3. Holy crap! So winning for the defense based on truth is equal ti a win for the defense by bribery? OK, that's it. Turn off the lights. Close the door. Walk away, the country is now officially dead and buried. I never, seriously never, thought "we" could ever stoop that bloody damn low.