Monday, March 31, 2014

Oh But How They Love Their Revenge Fantasies

From Album 5
Doesn't even matter that it's just plain nutty, as long as a hippie gets punched.


  1. Yes, the old BS of the returned warrior to set the liberals right by violence. Kick a hippie and feel good. This right wing crap is just that, crap of the highest order. All of those stories about some fool Marine kicking a liberal teacher/professor are total BS.
    When I was in boot camp in San Diego in the summer of 1968, there was the riot in Chicago. You may not remember that as you are a bit younger than me. Any way, on Sunday we were allowed a bit of "free time". We were allowed to attend church, if you wanted to, polish boots and brass, write letters, and even read newspapers. One of the recruits in my platoon saw the cops beating the hippies in Chicago and asked our senior DI if we might be able to go help the cops. Our DI, SSgt. Murphy told us we were wearing Marine Corps uniforms to protect the rights of those hippies to protest. I have never forgotten that lesson and knew then and there that SSgt Murphy was a really honorable human being. The military is SUPPOSED to defend the Constitution of this country, when I enlisted, I took an oath to do so. When I was released from active duty and when I got my final, honorable discharge, I was never asked or told that the oath no longer applied to me.
    In my opinion, ANY damn fool in the US military who did anything like the stories in that article should be arrested, taken to trial and being found guilty, do hard time for HIS crime against the Constitution. Freedom of speech is a Constitutional GUARANTEE. Yes, I know that the idiot senator from California, a Ms. Feinstein, said that the First Amendment was a "privilege" and NOT a right. That just shows how bloody damn ignorant she is of OUR Constitution. When I lived in SoCal, my late wife would ask me just what had that senator ever done that was of any use to working people. Of course I was not able to find anything as that senator never has done anything FOR working people during her entire political life. Now, she has done much TO working class and poor people in the US of A, but that is a completely different kettle of fish.
    End of rant. It is a messed up world Michael, try to remain sane and safe.

  2. Yes, a little young to actually remember 1968, but...I've seen the movie Medium Cool -- a very good movie, by the way -- a feature film that partly shot on location in Chicago...during the demonstrations and police riots.

    Also met both Abbie Hoffman and David Dellinger over the course of time...long story, will spare you the details.

    Well, damn good for your SSgt -- nice to know there are some out there who are real, well, heroes. I'd like to think my dad, while not a non-com...gee, I guess he was an actual com (Lieutenant Commander), anyway, I think as he aged he began to realize that the wingnuttery was getting out of hand (though he ended up casting his last vote for...Dubya...because he was worried about his taxes...sigh).

    As for Feinstein...another sigh. A classic lesser of evils if there ever was one. Just ever so slightly less bad than whoever she runs against. Christ. And as for California, well...actually in 1968 I was living there, not that a three year old remembers much of anything, but later, in 1984, I found myself in California when Raygun began his re-election campaign, and without anything else to do, went to a speech/rally. Geez, anyone who thinks California is strictly libruls and/or about a scary crowd of wingnuts...