Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Maybe Everything IS Bigger In Texas...

From Album 5
...including preventable tragedies.


  1. Holy crap! How absolutely stupid can people be? Ammonia nitrate is highly explosive. Mix some used that mixture for the bomb he used Ammonia nitrate with diesel fuel and you get a huge bomb. Yes, Timmy McVeigh used for the bomb he used in his act of domestic terrorism to destroy partially, the federal building in OK City some years ago. Storing that chemical in a wooden build with NO sprinkler system means the owners were more concerned about their obscene profits and NOT about worker or environmental safety in any way, shape, or form. What absolute morons, yes that last is an insult to "natural" morons, as in those born that way). The owners are just greedy, rat bastard variety of moron. They need to be charged with criminal negligence and held to account for the deaths, injuries and destruction. Of course, this being the (not so very) old US of A where corporations are now considered people, except when found guilty of any crime, well, you know how I think about this matter. Holy crap! Disgusting hardly even manages to scrape the very top most layer of the molecular covering of this mess.

    On a lighter note, check my last comment on your solar post. I found a book I have had since about 1980. "The Solar Cat Book", by Jim Augustyn On the back cover the price from the publisher is $3.95. There is also a quote on the back cover, by E.B.White. "A cat sunning himself in the doorway of a barn knows all about solar energy. Why can't man learn?" Thought you might enjoy that as just one reason I bought the book, my interest in solar energy, as described in brief in my reply and my love of cats.

  2. Absolutely on the sheer stupid of storing the stuff without ANY safeguards. Hell, not just McVeigh, but...the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, the Sterling Hall bombing at University of Wisconsin in 1970...and probably lots more. Between lunatics and, hell, weather (tornado alley, lightning strikes, anyone?)...but, thanks to Texas-style "regulations," I doubt they can even file charges...Christ on a cracker.

    Cool on the Solar Cat Book. I'll look around for it. Another fun book from around that time (late 70s, early 80s) is titled A Golden Thread, 2000 years of solar energy. Romans used mica and primitive glass to generate greenhouse effects, Greeks didn't have that, but designed towns to face south and restricted building height specifically to guarantee winter sun (people forget how far north even southern Europe is). There was also a company called Day and Night that manufactured and marketed solar water heaters through (I think) the 1940s and 1950s here in the US.

    People aren't dumb until they're taught to be dumb...

    I'll take a look for The Solar Cat Book. Thanks.