Thursday, April 24, 2014

Someone's 15 Minutes Are Coming To A Rapid Conclusion

From Album 5
Nope, I don't think we'll be seeing too many Bundy Ranch promotional item...unless they're from the bigoted fringe...


  1. Michael,
    I'll be very slow at comments for a week or so. Somehow I damaged a nerve in my right arm, of course I am right handed, and my wrist and hand are near useless since late Wednesday evening. Saw the doc Thursday and he has the wrist/hand in a brace.
    Typing, one finger, left hand...........LOL
    oh well, and so it goes

  2. Sorry to hear, and get well soon. No problem -- if for whatever reason you feel like adding your words or not. That said, I read and appreciate...and sometimes even empathize. No, not generally a matter of pain/nerve damage, though I did a number on my wrists years ago at a data entry job...but often I'm photoshopping/typing with one hand thanks to the cat. He doesn't just want to sit on my lap, but feels like my arm/hand makes the perfect pillow.

    Well, take care, hope you're on the mend for your sake. Have a good weekend.