Monday, April 28, 2014

Saint John The Waterboarder

From Album 5
Looks like Mama Grisly stepped in it big time...


  1. Michael, The "failin' Palin" just gave all thinking people another excellent reason to renounce religion with the piss poor excuse of a speech. What a damn bloody fool! Idiot, moron, retard, none of those terms even come close to describing her brand of STUPID! I can think of no term/description that comes at all close to even scraping the top coat of nail polish off her coating to begin to describe that level, the lowest of the low of course, stupidity.
    Any sane, rational being knows, without any hint of doubt, that torture does NOT work. Never has, never will. Oh crap, this critter, Palin, is beneath contempt and is utterly revolting. What a vile thing it is. Those who cheer/agree with it are as bad if not worse.

  2. As others have noted, the only kind of sort of "good" thing about Palin is that she's such an embarrassment that John McCain should be in constant apology mode for having made her a national figure (for all the wrong reasons, as I'm sure you're aware, re: how Johnny Mac decided on her in the first place)...unfortunately, McCain's pretty shameless himself, and being a wingnut means never having to say you're sorry...

    Hope your arm's feeling a bit better. Take it easy up there.