Thursday, May 01, 2014

When We Say They Want To Bring Back The Dark Ages...

From Album 5
...we're really not exaggerating.


  1. Oh joy, just what we need, eh? Some nut ball religious fools taking us back well over 1500 years. Ah, to the time when their brand of stupid was law.
    It will be fun to see them fail. Or, is this country THAT bloody stupid as to follow these fools?

  2. They ARE nuts, and I'm guessing at least some of my fellow Baton Rougeans are equally nuts -- after all, we've got Bethany Church, Swaggert, AND Tony Perkins slithering about...but I guess you've gotta hope for a more reasonable population as a nation...right?


    Anyway, have a good weekend, Again, hope you're continuing to be on the mend, re: your wrist, arm, and nerve issues. Take it easy...