Thursday, May 15, 2014

An Exceedingly Well Timed "Illness"

From Album 5
Was the only thing that prevented a rather awkward sequence at today's 9/11 Museum ceremony: Chris Christie being followed by a rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Waters."

But maybe now we know why the person's screaming...


  1. I'd have enjoyed it IF they'd had that song done after Chris gave his "talk". Poetic justice anybody? Yes, I intended that to be sarcastic/snarky. He earned sarcastic/snark in my opinion.

  2. The more I look/see/think about it, the clearer it is that people like Christie are assholes...because they WANT to be assholes. It's not about fiscal discipline, it's not about scarcity of's about pushing others around. And if they hurt someone, all the better.

    Sometimes I wonder if it's an outward projection of their own self-loathing, and maybe there's some of that, but it's also ... just being an asshole...kind of a status thing. How they live with themselves or justify it ... beats me.

    Take it easy, have a good weekend.