Monday, May 12, 2014

The Endarkenment

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Just in time for actual scientific research to tell us major sea level rise is inevitable, Marco Rubio embraces his inner ignorance and superstition.


  1. When most of the East coast and the entire Gulf coast are under 15 feet of sea water, these idiotic fools will STILL be saying that climate change is a hoax and even IF it were true, it would be due to gay marriage, abortion, declining church membership(actually happening even in the USA) and other sundry, totally unrelated things. They are absolutely clueless and mindless. America, where are you now? Circling the drain I fear.And these are the "best" and "brightest" we have to run for the highest elective office in the country? Words fail me................

  2. And they claim to care for their grandkids. Unfuckingbelievable. OK, I guess Rubio's too young for grandkids, but that's the usual line...and you'd think just as a question of prudence they'd pay SOME attention...but they've got the loonies who deny reality, then they've got the cynics who apparently just don't care. I mean, christ -- the proposed "solutions," (won't even get started there), but the proposed mainstream "solutions," in addition to probably not working all that well, are all more or less as free-market based as you can get...carbon taxes/credits, private installation and operation of renewable resources. Hell, Rachel Maddow had a Kansas State Senator on the other night who's run headlong into the Koch creeps, because he dared to vote in favor of wind energy subsidies, wind being a resource that's, um, rather abundant in Kansas.

    Geez, it's gonna get ugly. I feel sorry for the next few generations...

  3. Absolutely. I often stop and ask myself just why I care. I don't have kids, so no grand kids of course. And yet, for some damn fool reason, I worry for the little babies who have been born in the last seconds today. They come into this world totally innocent and look at the shit house mess they are in for. While the rich just keep demanding more and more, will they ever get enough?
    I have no "personal" stake in the future, and still, I care about these newest members of the human gang of idiots. Yeah, we are or can be idiots as a group/species. Humans think(?) they are so smart, we are the only species to ever create a device that can destroy ALL life, and sad to say, some of our gang are not afraid to use them. In fact, one certain branch of that gang has used them. What fools our gang tend to be, as a collective that is. I guess I care because Dad taught me to do so, not for myself, but every other living creature has as much right to life as I do. No matter what some "holy book" might say or so we are told, we are supposed to be stewards of this planet. The worst thing about religion is the bullshit "idea" that man was given "dominion" over everything. Humans, as a group, don't have the collective brain power to tie their own shoes, let alone have any sort of "dominion" over this planet. We foul our own nest and call it beautiful. When the shack gets full of excrement, we pack up and move on, some "stewardship". Some "dominion", big deal, we "rule" over a sewer, of our own making. Yeah, there we have it, the rich are "kings", more like king shit on turd hill.
    Sorry to be so negative, but at times, that negativity gets me to care all the more about those newborn innocent babies and all other life. No matter that I have no personal stake in the future, as I said, no kids, no heirs to "pass on" anything to, still, I cannot imagine even in my dreams of calling myself a decent person if I didn't care about those who just entered this life. And by that I also include those who are older than a newborn, yes, even the 20 or 30 somethings who seem to think it will all just go away, like its all a bad dream.
    I care because it seems to be the only true human thing to do. No religion involved, no desire for any rewards, just trying to be a decent person and trying to wake the masses who just go through the motions, swallowing all the crap TV and what passes for "news" feed them.
    I am not in any way superior to any, I am not better in any way than any other. I'm not even a "good person" and reject that description of me, I did do good work before my back gave out, all the places I worked for could verify that. I still do good work when I can. My photos are decent, when I can work on model kits, I do a fair job of building and detailing, I like to take kits and add/modify them with home made parts and bits from other kits. Custom builds...........LOL. I enjoy taking photos and even get requests to attend family gatherings to shoot photos, they like my candid shots. I don't do formal portraits, I don't like being the boss and to do good portraits, you need to tell people how/where to sit/stand/etc..
    Sorry to ramble on so long with this. Didn't mean to bore you. I'll try and keep comments shorter in the future. I DO talk too much, in person also, honest, always have and always will.......LOL, Dad could and would talk to people for days on end also.
    OK, enough of me for now.
    The idiots will be the downfall of us all.

  4. Unfortunately, the idiots WILL be...sigh. Sounds like you're pretty much...human, though: smart enough to give a damn, regardless if you personally have children (you've got some step-kids/grandkids, though, if I recall) enough to use your brain to develop higher skills -- carpentry/detailing/modeling...and smart enough to grasp what all but the, well, dumbest of people grasp: the whole of existence is pretty damned big, and our own existence is exceedingly temporary. Sucks in a way, but that's reality, like it or not.

    A lot of people don't, so they've got their religious myths -- say the magic word[s], live forever...yeah, right.

    That said, yeah, extended existence would be nice...but, sorry, there's no evidence. In the meantime, simple decency would suggest that, yeah, maybe we should at least be careful about just HOW MUCH of the nest we're shitting, given that, you know, our existence is temporary, and others will be here when we're gone.

    Well, take it easy, lemme let you go...and I've got chores to do as well...