Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chris Christie's Solution

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Everyone else has to tighten their belts.


  1. Great use of that clip from "Meaning of Life" by Monty Python to go with the linked article. Way to go Chris, you da man! Fat jackass, how's that bridge thing working out for ya there Jersey? The clown would be funny if so many innocents weren't getting hurt by his crapola actions.

  2. Christie's an absolute classic bully -- quick to holler and lash out, but equally quick to play the victim as soon as someone hits back...

    As to your comment below...you know, last year I read Capital as a bucket list project...well, only volume one, but that was the only one old Karl completed before his bucket got kicked...Engels put together the other volumes from his notes. Well...I'll put it this way: if you're honest, the "Marxists," at least in terms of adhering to his analysis of Capital, are...the Mitt Romney's and other robber barons of this world. By the way, Capital was mostly boring -- lots and lots of data on textile production/methods/machines...sort of like a very detailed description of a steam engine. But I guess he had to do that to make the point. Plus it was 19th century -- they were on the verbose side. Anyway, his point, aside from the verbiage, was that capitalists...try to accumulate more capital, and they'll do it...by any means they can, the major way being getting more out of labor than they pay for it. Wow...how controversial.

    Of course, there are the other three volumes, plus his journalism, plus his radical philosophy -- I've heard good and bad (Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 and the 18th Brumaire of Louis Napoleon are supposedly pretty good...the Communist Manifesto is a quick knock off/contract piece...)...anyway, need to read more of the old dude...if I can find the time.

    And my own "leftism," and I certainly don't mind calling myself one (am left-handed to boot), but my own leftism is not really ideological, but grounded in some stuff I've said in comments here before: we're born helpless, if we're lucky to live long enough, we'll die at least somewhat enfeebled, the intervening years are pretty damn short, and our VERY fortunate position as the reigning superpower and wealthiest nation in history is hardly a matter of strictly individual effort. The "small government" advocates should give it a shot -- there are plenty of places where they can see it in action -- before foisting it on us. I think they'd find out rather quickly that honest to goodness "small government" means honest to goodness poverty...

    Well...need to go look after my poor cat. He's a little under the weather. Nothing serious, but he got sick, I think from a hairball..so it goes.