Monday, May 19, 2014

M.C. Rove Doubles Down

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You know, old Karl is welcome to exercise his First Amendment rights however he wishes...but that's no reason to take his ludicrous accusations seriously, and to react with anything but scorn and derision...


  1. I do not understand why anybody with a functioning brain give a flying crap in hell about anything that turd blossom has to say on any subject. The asshat Rove is a real, honest to crap has been. He is washed up and beyond useless. He is not even worth much as a bad joke now days. He should just dig a deep hole in some secluded area and crawl into it and just sit there until the life force finally leaves his sorry carcass. Too harsh of me? I don't think I am being harsh, I actually think I am being overly kind to that disgusting piece of bovine excrement.

  2. To repeat myself...again and again this is yer "librul media" in action. Hey, Rove's got first amendment rights, but it's not newsworthy just because he says it. Just to contrast, if an actual leftist, not a liberal or Clintonite, but an actual leftist suggested anything of the sort regarding any right wing icon (e.g. Reagan/Alzheimers, or more recently, Ann Romney not knowing the difficulties of working moms)...they'd get or would have gotten hammered. But Rove will barely pay a price.

    Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo described Washington DC as being "hard wired for conservatives." That seems to go for the media as well. Meanwhile, more and more people are working their asses off just to survive...if they're lucky enough to have a job, that is...

  3. Michael, I think you hit this one square on 100% agreement from me. Absolutely, IF a real leftie did something remotely close to what Rove did. The thing is, you'd have to look way outside of D.C. to find such a critter, like you or me perhaps. Not that I am accusing you of being a "leftie", but I suppose I lean that way, but, remember, I have had multiple back surgeries so I could use that as my excuse.....LOL.
    Actually, I tend to think Marx, as in old Karl, was a wimp, he was not radical enough. Does that really make me a true "leftie"? Not that a label matters much to me. I tend to call myself a radical heathen humanist pagan. Make of that what you wish. Oh, labels are for canned goods etc. not for people...LOL.
    While Rove does have his free speech rights, why what he says gets to be news is just stupid or lazy on the part of "news" people. Of course they don't ever stoop to talk to the likes of us, we aren't famous/rich/powerful/etc. Nope, we are real people who care about the country and the people who live here.