Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Second The Motion

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Fred Haitt is welcome to put up or shut up when it comes to war first, then other options. Asshole.


  1. OK, here is my solution for clowns like this Mr. Hiatt. ALL US citizens over the age of 17 will get to vote the next time "we" want another war. ALL who vote FOR war will be given a uniform, basic training, a weapon with ammunition, all the personal gear every ground-pounder gets(Army soldiers and Marines are ground-pounders; they don't sail ships or fly aircraft) and then they will ALL be sent to the front lines of the war THEY voted for. Those who voted against war will stay here at home and keep on with life while wishing them the best.
    Now, how much will that matter to those like this Mr. Hiatt and his ilk who have not seen a war since 1945 that they didn't like? I'll bet the farm there would be way fewer votes FOR war if my solution was implemented. Now, my solution does NOT include a defensive war. Hell, at 66 and being physically disabled, IF this country were invaded, I be there with my own weapons (see last post for inventory) to defend OUR homes and the Bill of Rights.
    Oh, I may not have posted this here before, so here goes. General Smedley Butler, 33+ years as a US Marine officer, awarded the Medal of Honor TWICE, saw combat all around the globe said in his short pamphlet "War IS a Racket" that there are only two reasons for war;
    1) to defend OUR homes
    2) to defend the Bill of Rights.
    He said that ALL other reasons (I call them excuses) are a racket. When he wrote that in 1933 he was 100% correct. His words are as true today as they were then.
    As an old "classic rock" song goes; "War, what is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING!".

  2. Yes, re: the general...I think the otherwise not particularly good History Channel series on WWI and II had footage of General Butler at the Bonus Army march which either had audio or was synched to audio...was the first time I ever heard his voice. And as to armchair generals who'll call for war (my bad on spelling Hiatt's name -- reversed the i and a -- so it goes) -- man, would they ever go honest to god crazy if forced to deal with actual consequences of war...grrr...

    As to your follow up below, just to be brief here -- gotta go feed the cat ... again ... well, he's a good cat ... anyway, and I think I've mentioned this before, guns don't bother me. I don't own one, but dated two women who did ... and what kind or how many guns someone owns doesn't bother me in the slightest (though you're right about assault rifles -- they're NOT for hunting or any sort of of skilled shooting --) anyway, if people want guns, let people have guns. And most gun owners are adults, thank heavens, who appreciate the responsibilities of gun ownership. So, it's not the guns, it's the shooting people.

    Hell, you'd think gun owners would be at the forefront on that. Why would a responsible gun owner want to be associated with the gun nuts who fantasize about killing people? But...that's the problem. Responsible gun owners are being shouted down by the loonies, who've taken over the NRA and whatever the other one is that's even more extreme than the NRA. Too bad someone doesn't set up a new NRA that actually takes safety seriously...