Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Joe The Plumber Crybaby

From Album 5
This is certainly the dumbest reaction to the UCSB shootings.


  1. WHY? Why does any semi-sane human being with even half a functioning brain give this asshat the time of day? He had his "moments of fame" and he is zip, zero, nada. Go away Joe "the Plumber" and stay away. None of us give a flying fart in hell about anything you might say on any topic.
    He is more useless that the caribou Barbie. This moron gets media attention? Why? Surely there must have been a mildly retarded 3 year old that would have been able to give a better interview that this critter.
    Note to media, QUIT feeding the trolls!

  2. Agreed. and I probably shouldn't give him my .0000000002 cents worth, though I doubt I'm getting much play out there on the internets...that said, old "Joe" is probably mouthing the thoughts of a number of mouth breathers...and goddamn but they've reverted to children when it comes to their guns. Why can't they grow up? For instance, I like to drink...but I understand I can't do that and then drive my car...

    And the childishness is about more than just guns. Maybe that's the defining issue of our day -- not left versus right, but grown ups versus children...

  3. Michael,
    Absolutely! It IS children versus adults, and man does this country have a huge majority of kiddies.
    Full disclosure here; I own three guns, a double barrel 12 gauge "coach" style shot gun, a .22cal single action revolver, and a .45cal single action revolver. IF I had the extra funds, I'd sort of like to add a Winchester model 73 or a current model of that design and a Springfield 1903 or a modern copy of the same. I just like the looks and feel of them. Notice I do not own or even want any automatic pistols or and sort of assault rifle weapon. I really do not need any of them, but, being a kid myself at times, yeah even at 66 years old, I got the 12 gauge and the .45 as they are modern versions of classic old West guns that I have admired for many years, since I was a kid in fact.
    OK, I was a Marine, I have been in combat, so I know what they can do and respect them as tools and for the beauty of a well made tool. I do not ever want to actually need them, but at times it is fun to go to a safe range and keep my skills up. To me, real gun control is being able to hit what you aim at.
    I detest the "spray and pray" full auto assault style guns. They are what the gang bangers love and I call them spray and pray as that is how they shoot them. They have a full auto weapon and just fire away and hope(pray) they hit their target.
    Again, I never want to ever shoot a human being ever again. OK, that was war and self preservation and keeping me and my buddies alive, but still, taking the life of a fellow human being is a very, very serious thing, no matter the circumstances.
    Sorry for the over long rant, just felt the need to tell this.
    We need fewer legal age adults acting like kiddies and they need to grow up as you said. We need adults who can actually think for themselves and not just swallow the crap they are fed by TV "news" and what passes as newspapers in the US of A in 2014. It should start at home and in grade school, children MUST be taught critical thinking, the sooner the better for us all.
    OK, end of rant, again, sorry for being so long.