Monday, July 14, 2014

Ah, Look What Slithered Out From The Fetid Bog Today

From Album 5
Rick "Swamp Thing" Santelli.


  1. LOL. Boy did poor lil' Rick get taken to the old woodshed. I love how he was told; "...not ONE single piece of advice you gave to investors worked Rick......." Oh boy, you cannot be more wrong than to get that type of call out on even cable TV. Do real people actually pay attention to Wrong way all the way Rick? Poor lil' feller..............NOT...............LOL.
    Now, if only we could see some of the vile war monger neo-crazies get the same treatment on national/international media of ALL types, electronic and print, THEN we might finally start to end all these damn fool, idiotic wars of choice; ie., Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Mali, etc., etc. etc.............seemingly without end.
    Thanks for this post Michael.
    Hope your weekend was a good one. Try and stay cool. With the heat index, it has been 105+ most days up here. Bet you are even warmer in Red Stick. Stay cool young man. Best to cat also, maybe an extra cat treat, just because........LOL. I DO like cats best of all animals.

  2. Well, am about to feed the cat...again. But...he's earned it, in his own way.

    I think what's truly amazing about the Rick Santellis of this world is that at least some of them actually believe their's beyond lies, and instead is an article of faith with them. For instance -- if conditions really WERE dire, wouldn't we expect some of the wingers to demand, oh, I don't know, something by way of contribution from the really, really well off? Can't do that -- how would they afford car elevators for their extra houses?

    But you're right, no one ever actually calls them out. Even the guy calling Santelli out will get lost in the shuffle. So it goes. doing ok here despite the heat. Old house, but decent a/c. High ceilings help too...

    Have a good one.