Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Wingnut "How To Pick Up Women Voters" Guide

From Album 5
To be fair, they've been dumbing down their message across the board, but this is particularly embarrassing, sexist (despite being said by a woman)...and just manifestly ugly. But hey, that's how they roll...


  1. Oh wow! How low can a woman go? Seriously, if a man had said anything even remotely close to this there would be a national outrage against him. WHY does this gal get an easy pass?
    Yes, the second link is a good smack at her, well deserved I'll add. The first, not so much.
    If this is what the elephant gang like in a woman, they will get a few votes as some women are that dumb. Most of the women I have ever known do NOT like anybody talking down to them. Good grief! This IS 2014, NOT 1914, or 1814. Get with the times there elephant gang.
    No, wait. Do NOT get with the times. Please DO talk down to ALL women. In particular, Herr Jindal and diaper Dave. Yes, those two MUST talk down to all women. That is one sure way they can not possibly ever win an election. Man, that was close, I nearly gave the game away. I'll be more careful in the future.

  2. I'm hoping -- maybe naively -- that stuff like this will piss off enough people, women and men, to possibly make at least a bit of difference come November...but of course it's far more likely to get lost in the ether, while the media desperately tries to prove it isn't librul. But you're correct in noting if a man had said something similar -- or if a perceived liberal had suggested the same -- the same media would demand some sort of highly public/ritual humiliation on the part of the transgressor.

    And the sheer repetition on the part of all media would ensure it became etched in public consciousness.

    Which is how, as you also know, propaganda works. Say it long enough and loud enough...and those with the biggest megaphone have the means to do so.