Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Gunfight Dickfight at the OK Corral Valdosta Kwik-E-Mart

From Album 5
So, the new Georgia legally-wear-your-strap-on-in-public-law is working out really well:
Around 3:00 p.m., a customer entered the Enmark store on Park Avenue with a gun holstered to his hip. Another customer, who was also carrying a holstered weapon, approached the first man and demanded to see his ID and gun permit.
As he demanded the first customer’s ID, the second man pulled his own gun from its holster, but pointed it at the floor. The first customer protested that he isn’t legally required to show any ID or permits.
Because convenience stores know an armed society is a polite society...that's why they're so safe. Ask any clerk -- especially those on the overnight shift...


  1. Really enjoyed most of the comments on the linked article. Many were of the "Who knew this was coming?" type, but meant to be sarcastic if you really read them. The real question is, who could NOT have seen this as a possibility? Holy crap, just what 'Merikkka needs (like another hole in its head), more armed asshats running around the streets, looking for any reason to "stand their ground".
    What a bunch of damn fools the legislature (lege if you read forgotston) were who voted FOR this excuse of a "bill". Seriously, not one of those who voted FOR this could have seen the remote possibility of this sort of mess? They got lucky, it was ONLY the very first day the bill was in effect! Yeah, the VERY FIRST DAY, and look at what happened! Wait until one or both just "decide" to pull their gun and shoot. Oh boy, what "fun" that will be. Well, for the foreseeable future, I'd keep far away from the state of Georgia. Even being near the state line might get nasty, bullet do NOT respect artificial boundaries.
    Now, will Herr Jindal bring this sort of "bill" to our state? Don't give that clown any ideas. Any bets on diaper Dave doing it? Or nuts, don't give HIM any ideas either. The really big problem here, there is NO other country to run to, none are any much better than here, and THAT is really very, very sad.
    Sweden? Not if you are a fan of Wikileaks. Norway? Didn't they give our drone king(aka; Gobomber) the (ig)Nobel pizza prize? Finland, even colder than the first two I named, also too close to Vlad, the Putin or me, though he IS one smart guy. Aha! The South Pole! Only those dang emperor penguins to deal with..............LOL
    Have a good one Michael.

  2. Am staying away from Georgia...and Florida, where even after the Zimmerman mess they won't fix things. These gun nuts are the worst: itching to shoot someone to prove how tough and manly they are.

    As for Loosiana [sic], they don't have a carry everywhere bill, but the amendment PBJ pushed in...was it 2012? pause...yeah, it was -- anyway, the amendment is so gun friendly you've had convicted felons suing for the right to get their guns back after serving their sentence...that is, get back the gun they used while committing the felony. Unbelievable.

    The State Supreme Court put at least a temporary stop to that -- just this week, if I remember -- but it's not over yet.

    And, once again, I speak as someone who really doesn't mind people owning guns. Pretty much ANY gun, though a .50 caliber is...pretty ridiculous -- sort of like owning a sledgehammer to put pushpins into a bulletin board. But hey, you want one? OK. Just. Don't. Shoot. Other People. With. It.

    But that's the problem -- while the VAST majority of gun owners are responsible adults, it doesn't take too many juvenile morons to fuck it up...that said, I don't want to punish the majority for just a few...I just want the few to be recognized for the lunatics they are.

    Wish they could just be shunned. But when they're carrying into stores, restaurants...bars (gee, what a concept -- alcohol and firearms...)...Christ, I'm glad I'm old enough to not care much about getting out..