Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What Happens When "My Other Car Is A Boat" Becomes A Necessity?

From Album 5
Or if "The Ship of State" has to be a ship...literally? OK, let's once again note that climate isn't weather...but when the climate DOES change, unusual weather becomes...not-so-unusual. And then we're all in a hell of a lot of trouble.


  1. Michael,
    Sorry for my lack of comments recently. I have been trying to keep up, but there are too many things going on in this household right now plus not feeling the best I have been sliding with comments. I have also weeded out a few web sites I used to read every day. I found it intolerable that a supposed "humanist" and "freethinker" site would be so happy about the suicide of a person about to be arrested for possible crimes. Hell, I have been in combat and even the worst murderer deserves a fair trial.
    Also, for a supposed free-thought site, how can they have zero compassion for the people of Gaza.
    Yes, they are Muslims and that particular site is anti-religion, well, then be critical of the vile zionist entity that is the oppressive occupation force killing innocents in Gaza. Apparently, the Brits are as frightened of their version of AIPAC as the idiot, bought and paid for US congress.
    So, call me disgusted and highly pissed off. Oh well, three web sites I will not visit again. I detest hypocrites.
    To the topic of today her. Man doesn't it just rub you the wrong way how the idiotic TV "news" readers and the "reporters" do NOT understand the difference between climate and weather? Amazing as there is so much good information available for FREE on the net or, just call up NOAA or some university that has a meteorology degree course.Even the TV weather idiots have zero clue, but, with the exception of Tom Konvicka (spelling) here on channel 5 (KALB) they tend to be wanna be comedians or such. Oh, Letterman started out as a TV weather guy.
    I agree, as the climate changes, the local weather WILL change, drastically in fact. So much good information, easily available to ALL, for FREE and these idiots still cannot get it right. How can they stay employed and yet be so damn stupid? Amazing, but then, this IS 'Merikkka 2014.
    'Merikkka, what a country. Or so says the old, broken down old Vietnam vet.
    Best to you and Tigger.............great name, we had a cat named Tigger back in the 80's. He was black with grey stripes. Lived to be 17 and weighed 23 pounds and liked to sleep across my knees. Now wonder my knees are in bad shape.......LOL. Actually arthritis and an old high school football injury id the trouble with the left knee.
    Have a great week Michael, and an ear rub for Tigg.

  2. Well, the good news is that I can easily comply with your Tigger request...once again, he's opted for lap time, though at 11 pounds, more or less, hope my knees can take it...

    Sorry about the other sites...and your point is well taken. Yes, even the worst deserve far better than what they dish out...after all, as I'm sure you already know, how can we say we're different if we don't? "Not quite as bad as utter monsters" just doesn't cut it with me. And I say that even as I know there are some people whom part of me wouldn't at all mind giving a thorough ass kicking. But...being a grown up means much as you might like it, you have to act your age and realize the GREATER good is...a civil society that's actually civil.

    Welcome to grown up world...on the bright side, you can have a beer...or six.

    Sorry to repeat it yet again, but I'm convinced the world is less left/right, liberal/conservative, and more grown up/child...and no one has a total monopoly: Hamas shooting rockets into Israel is every bit as stupid as Shrub and Dick rattling the cage in Iraq...but, on the flip side, ultra-Zionists who've moved into the West Bank (or Gaza, and had to be dragged out kicking and screaming) and cheer when Palestinians get beat up/bombed/torn apart by shrapnel/caught up in the insane labyrinth of bureaucracy and/or literal labyrinth that is the Israeli policy (the wall, the settlements)'s like they WANT war...and who knows, maybe they do...some people really are sick in the head.

    Well, back to stuff over here. Need to knock out a few chores...