Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rand Paul's Dog Whistle

From Album 5
I guess he's calling for Checkers as he does his best Dick Nixon Southern Strategy impersonation...


  1. Michael,
    A comment or three from yesterday to start with.
    I am thinking about a blog post on the Baltimore mess and how it all relates to US history, well at least back to the Watts riots. I'll let you know with a comment here when it gets posted.
    The other comment before todays post, I try to be a good person. I know I used to do good work, never had any boss complain about the quality of my work. As to me being a good person, well, I'll let you slide on that this time. Please don't do it again, OK? I try, heavy emphasis on try, to be a decent human being. I appreciate your kind words, but I don't know that I ever have or will really earn them. Just me being me, no disrespect or anything negative meant here. Yes, I am my own worst critic, have been as far back as I can remember.
    Now to lil' Rand and his quest to be POTUS.
    Is it just me, or in that photo of him at TPM, doesn't he look like the proverbial bunny rabbit, caught in the high beams of a fully loaded cement truck? Sorry Rand, but your media folks should be fired if they allowed that shot to be used by any media, well, radio excepted.
    His reaction to Baltimore is basically; I have no clue, just happy my train didn't stop there last night. Typical US politician, lots and lots of talk,little to no action/solutions. Well, OK, nearly zero workable solutions. No doubt they far, far Reich of the elephant gang "have" a solution, but one that no human with even a remote claim
    Holy crap, when Ted Cruz sounds more reasonable than Rand Paul, it sort of gets you to see old Rand has just a tiny, very tiny, better chance of being POTUS than Herr Jindal does. Not very good company there Rand. Oh, the Esquire photo is not a big improvement over the one used at TPM.
    As I said above, lots of talk, near zero workable solutions. Oh, wait, having workable solutions means giving a subject serious thought and being serious about fixing things that need to be fixed. Yeah, talk is cheap.
    I really wish I could be the least bit positive, honest I do. But, as the old sang goes; Wishing ain't wanting and wanting ain't getting.
    Hope the rest of the week goes well for you and Tigger.

  2. Done, new post at the old soap box.

  3. On my way over to for Rand, my own .0000000002 cents worth on "libertarianism" is that proponents lean pretty heavily conservative, but like to pretend they're cool...maybe they're ok with pot, whatever...but they never really grew -- at least mentally-- past high school. They tend to think if something doesn't personally affect them, then it doesn't matter and can be dismissed. They're also, well, rather cruel at times, and further lack any understanding of how the broader picture, which includes a strong government, has allowed them the luxury of embracing libertarian, um, thought, for lack of a better word. Their "small government" paradise would actually be quite the shit hole, requiring a hell of a lot of hard labor in exchange for scratching out a pretty meager existence, as plenty of third world denizens know quite well.

    Just for example: after Katrina/The Flood, why didn't libertarians flock to the Gulf Coast? Government was pretty damn was electricity, availability of consumer goods, safe water, clean streets...but hey, that's what their world view would entail.

    But that's also the point. What they really want is...conservatism without the ugliness it implies. The ugliness exemplified by Rand Paul's stupid joke about the train not stopping. THAT'S a leader? Nope: that's a frat boy, comfortable in his bubble of existence, and unconcerned with the broader picture.

    Fortunately, I still think most people find that attitude...not acceptable in a leader of a nuclear armed superpower.

    Anyway...time to go read. Take it easy.