Friday, May 01, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
A long week, so let's close with some general culture. At least it looks like a nice weekend around here for a change.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Thanks for this loin. Very interesting items there.
    Great image of Tigger. Um, you realize that the Egyptians actually did worship cats as gods. Might keep an eye of Tigger over the next few days once he sees this post.
    Have a great weekend. Don't overdo the yard work.
    Oh, almost forgot, many thanks for the comment on my blog. I agree, Ronnie sure did a job on this country, and not a good one.

  2. Oh yeah, re: Ronaldus...fortunately I was influenced by some very smart folks who ensured I wouldn't drink his Kool Aid, generation, sigh, fell hook, line, sinker, rod & reel for his bigotry in disguise. And we've been paying ever since. Hell, I saw somewhere today that some faction of Texas wingnuttery is pushing a bill to basically abolish public schools. I think the specifics are that people can opt out by directing their school tax to some sort of entity that subsidizes charters. Good lord. Like Marvin Gaye said, makes [you] want to holler, throw up both [your] hands.

    Well, yeah, at least good Tiggs makes for good company. A god? hmmm...not exactly my cup of tea, but certainly a good fella...and there's MUCH to admire in him. Even when he cries for attention...

    Didn't overdo the yard, but did some long overdue cleaning on the deck. Needed to move some frame walls I built...damn...a year ago, that hopefully will turn into a small shed this year. That's a resolution...

    And got out the grill again. Good to have stuff -- and most of it keeps just fine in the freezer. No, not as good as fresh grilled, but hey, better than having to go out.

    Take it easy.By the way, I've got the soapbox bookmarked, so I'll keep an eye out.