Tuesday, May 26, 2015

So, How's The Weather Down There?

From Album4
Just to be clear, I know record flooding and frightening heat waves aren't hurricanes...but...and to repeat, once more...these events in themselves aren't ironclad evidence of global warming, but they sure as hell, pun intentional, offer examples of exactly the sort of extraordinary weather events (in insurance parlance, "Acts of God"...I think) that will become all-too-ordinary WHEN the climate is irrevocably changed. Guess we better get used to it.


  1. This is sort of how they will reply. This is just me being my sarcastic self. OK, we grant the floods in Texas, but this has happened before, even before this talk of global warming ever started. Heat in India? Nothing new there either. But, you all just wait till winter and those huge blizzards. That will put your global warming to bed for the final time.
    See, being a climate change denier means you never look at the whole picture, just focus on the bits that seem to support (heavy emphasis on seem) your position. Oh, this same sort of denial, which is also a river in Africa, also works for just about every religion known to us today.
    Actually, I wasn't all that sarcastic in my comments today. Just enough to make it worth my effort. I remain very cynical also in regards to ever getting these denier types to acknowledge reality. Maybe when the entire East coast and 99% of the Gulf coast are under 15 feet of sea water, then, and only maybe then, will they finally admit there might be some truth to global warming. Nah, even then they'll still have some totally BS reason(??) to deny.
    Ah well, rain in our forecast every day this week. I get my spinal injection tomorrow morning. Sweet relief for a while. They do work so far. Good enough that I have not have to use the tens for up to two weeks after getting the injection.
    Have a great week Michael. Stay dry as best you can. An ear rub and treat for Tigger.

  2. Well, good old Tigger's right here -- which is why I've only got one hand for typing...no complaints. Hope the relief is both sweet AND for a good long while.

    Otherwise...can't think of anything else to add to what you've said. Except that...when it does go all to hell, oh, they'll blame the libruls...for...I dunno...not believing in their sky god, I guess.

    Hope the rain doesn't get you too much. Over here, it's been spotty...at times, bad, but I think it could've been worse.

    Take it easy, again, hope the injection does what it's supposed to do.