Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jeb Steps On A Rake...Again

From Album 5
No, "anchor baby" IS offensive. Hell, maybe George is the smarter one...and that's pretty scary.


  1. Well, it could be possible that W. is the smarter of the Bush boys. That IS very frightening indeed.
    Odd how a guy, Jeb, who started a Hispanic group and their own guide lines say do NOT us terms like illegal, alien, o anchor baby, now uses anchor baby and says it is A-OK to do so.Wonder what his Hispanic wife thinks of this. Would she be upset over this? Or, is she a "good" elephant gang member wife, sort of like a mafia wife except the mafia used to have a real code of honor, the elephant gang, not so much.
    These Reich wingers from the elephant gang are frightened out of their lace panties over Trump. And well they should be, he is still leading in the polls as far as I know.
    Sorry I missed the postings on Cruz, but I'd bet his chances of any win are down to two choices, slim and none. Maybe he can score a cabinet posting. Too bad lil' Bobby will have to hope for a slot on Faux Noise or maybe some think tank. I'd really like to see Bobby in the same prison cell tat former governor Edwards had. Oh, and Bobby could get life at making little rocks from big rocks. Hell, just give ALL the damn US politicians that same sentence and start over with honest folks and NO corporate monies in any election, period. Yeah, I know, I'm just an old, worn out guy who has this dream. I think it is a damn nice dream though.
    Hey, we got some real rain yesterday and may get more this week. The temps outside were almost tolerable.
    Have a good week Michael. Cheers to you and Mr. Tigger.

  2. Well, glad you got a bit of rain/temperature relief. Over stormed and knocked the internet out. I'm on a mobile phone hotspot/secondary connection, so I'll keep this short.

    PBJ wouldn't last a day breaking rocks...and I guess that's all I should probably say.

    Take it easy.