Monday, August 17, 2015

Another Bite Of The Nothing Burger

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Again, I'll note that HRC isn't exactly my BFF,, this isn't a's merely a not particularly good political decision, as Clinton herself noted over the weekend, though that's in no small part because of the Clinton Rules the media has swallowed hook, line, sinker, rod and reel. Sigh.


  1. Her use of a private email server and not a secure email server is just plain flat out stupid. No, actually it is damn STUPID. There, got that one off my chest. Dang heavy thing it was also…(smirk).
    What passes as the media in this country today is a disgrace. The clowns and pretty faces that pass as journalists are at best note takers. I almost said stenographers, but stenographers are useful. Not only have the media swallowed the Clint-stone crap hook, line, sinker, rod, and reel, they swallowed the whole damn boat!
    November 2016 will be a real hoot if it does come down to Hi-Larry and the Donald. Can you picture in your worst nightmare the type of "debate" those two would put on for the TV cameras? Actually, I can and man, I would need a lot of popcorn and plenty of cold drinks. Oh, and do not forget the barf bucket. Those tiny little air sickness bags will never do, not big enough. I'd go with a 33 gallon trash barrel and maybe even a 55 gallon drum, just to be safe.
    Election? What election? In 2016? For POTUS? Seriously? A real election? Oh please, that was never going to happen. Trump just pushed himself into the mess and made it fun, for now any way. If the US of A is not the laughing stock of the planet, well, I have no idea how it could not be.

    Oh, as to WW2, supposedly the US military AND Winnie Churchill wanted to nuke Moscow and let WW2 go on until about 1957 or so. Well, if it had, I may not have gone to the Vietnam war. More likely be dead from cleaning up irradiated territory long ago.
    Yeah, the Axis did some very nasty things, but the US/Brits did some seriously nasty shit as well. Fire bombing Tokyo and Dresden for starters. I could go on, but I'm getting tired. Long day getting meds and a few extra goodies. Not as hot here today and we even got a bit of rain. I think the heat index was actually less than 100 today as well. Best get out a quilt for tonight and grab my jacket if I go out tomorrow. OK, ok, that bit was supposed to be a joke. Probably didn't work though. I did mention being tired….LOL.
    Have a great week.

  2. Well, it was a dumb political decision...but I think all of the nonsense is a combo platter of technological ignorance and Clinton Rules. Look at how they're, on the one hand, screaming about "deleting" emails (which, as you probably know, is almost old Ollie North found out, much to his chagrin -- you've got copies almost everywhere, and if they're not encrypted, any packet sniffer can cobble together a reasonable facsimile)...then they're on the other end, hollering about "classified material" being out there in the open...hey, just like Wikipedia, now old news (and yeah, the watchdog "media" can barely be bothered to take a look, even as lord knows what they might find.

    My own .00002 cents worth on that is one, "classified" is now applied to everything from a common hall pass...

    Again, was it a political gaffe? Yeah...but...if Trump is all the other side has, good lord.

    HRC, as I've said, isn't my fave, but...just like with Harry Reid in Nevada. Some time back, before old John Ensign saved his pension by resigning, I read something about how Nevadans needing help from their Senators for whatever would say that at least Reid was competent in matters of basic governance. Ensign was an empty suit. And while HRC will piss me off -- multiple times -- it's still a matter of grown ups versus the children of the corn on the other side. That's fucking scary.

    As far as Axis versus, um, ourselves, I hope I didn't ignore our own horrors too much. I guess I was just trying to point out that we can't keep demonizing Iran like this is some sort of teenage high school feud. I'm sure you've heard the old saying countries don't have friends, they have interests. And it's in our interest to deal with Iran...or, as Michael Corleone said (advice from his dad) keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Not a bad idea with nation states.

    Time for me to get some rest as well. A mildly stressful day. Glad it's over, and hope tomorrow is nice and quiet.