Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Test Pattern Would Be...Less Annoying

From Album 5
I'll skip a link today -- but another episode of the traveling spin circus and clown show is on tap for tonight...while locally, Diaper Dave is also Desperate Dave...


  1. Ah yes, the traveling clown show. I cannot force myself to watch it. Sorry, but we have yet to even have the first primary so I see no real use in listening to this gang of clowns toss out ridiculous claims/B.S. at each other.
    Oh yes, poor old diaper Dave IS getting very desperate. Well, no matter, my vote will go to John Bel Edwards. I do feel some true compassion for the next governor any way. The state is a disaster and the next person to hold that job will be very fortunate to serve out one term. IF, and I see it as a very, very huge if, he manages to turn things around positively, well, maybe, just maybe he can get a second term in office.
    Wishing Tigger all the best. I still hold out the hope that he and you have many long years together. The loss of a furry pal is as close to the loss of your child as it gets. I've had to get through both of those losses plus a wife of 24 years. If you have a vet you trust, then you are half way to a good result for Tigger. Take care, both of you.

  2. Turns out I didn't have access, so I was spared the "debate" as well.

    Edwards, just like all of them these days, is a lesser-of-evils vote, but the greater evil -- Vitter -- is evil. Diaper Dave is part of the whole wingnut gang that got us where we are in the first place. I just hope this time his thoroughly ugly persona is a little too much for even Loosiana voters...who alas, did elect and then re-elect him to statewide office.

    Another short reply here--Tigger needs my hand/rm for a pillow...so he gets it. Until the time comes for some very difficult decisions, I'm going to cherish every moment. Thanks again for asking about him, and keeping him in your thoughts. These last few weeks have been...well, gut wrenching.

    Take it easy.