Monday, November 09, 2015

Right On Time

From Album 5
War on Christmas nonsense season...Oh, how they love to play the victim.


  1. Oh Jeebus H. on a crutch. So now even this idiot "war on xmas" starts way before the month of December.
    Way back, late 1980, early 1981, my late brother and his wife got in with some holy roller, non-denominational xtian church. We had six cats that year so I sent them an xmas card except I made it say "Merry Catsmess" and hope that Sandy Claws brings you and yours some great cat nip and toy balls and string to play with. Sherie said she bet I would not send it, she lost that bet and I got a very good pizza as my pay off. Naturally, sis-in-law sent a nasty note to me saying how I must be an atheist. I replied that yes, and I was damn proud to be such. Even her own holly buy-bull says that when you are a child you act like a child. When you become an adult, you should put away your childish things. I place silly superstition as a childish thing. Yes, I AM an old heathen/pagan and see no need to change now. IF I manage to make it until late next month, I'll hit 68. I know, I have been way past my sell by date for years now. And so it goes…….
    Hope the best for Mr. Tigger. Thanks very much for the recent non-photoshop photos of him. He looks like a great cat, one I'd be happy to share my life with. Glad he has the best forever home and a great care giver/friend. You are a very good person Michael. Best to you both and may you have many more happy years together.
    Saw one at "Lolcats" last week; "God made cats so man could touch the tiger(lion)" While I don't believe in any gods at all, I did like that caption. It was a cat, but the shadow was of a male lion, full mane and all. I prefer tigers though. Even have a book; "The tiger on your couch". Probably have at least six books about cats, maybe more, but six for sure.
    Have a great week. Glad Tigger is doing well with the treatments.

  2. Well, as to Tiggs, no chemotherapy today, but that's because his white blood cell count was elevated. So instead, the gave him an antibiotic. We'll follow up Friday. And...they don't think the initial chemotherapy was effective, so they're changing to something else...but that was explained to me previously, so I was aware of the process.

    And we'll see. I just don't want him to suffer. Right now he seems to be comfortable on my lap, good as I can hope for right now.

    As to your sister-in-law, sigh. Yes, yes, YES, her "expression" of alleged faith was childishness, pure and simple. Good lord, grow up. I swear: most of the wingnut expressions of faith are either pure childishness or ugly authoritarian fantasies. No, I don't know one way or the other about any deity (my suspicion/hunch, but I'm quite certain no self-respecting supreme being would actually behave like their ridiculous claims. And She'd have a sense of humor.

    Anyway, again, thanks for keeping Tigger in your thoughts - it helps greatly. We'll just play this out day-to-day, and in the interim, he's going to be, well, even more spoiled than he was. Because he sure is a good little guy.

    Take care..