Thursday, January 14, 2016

No, Don't Go There

From Album 6
Rick Santorum invites the kiddie table audience to Google him...


  1. Poor Ricky. The guy seems to have zero clue. Does he really not know that the inter web is forever? No, I didn't google him. I don't want to add any extra problems to this old iMac.
    Hey, at least we have a new governor in Louisiana. I almost feel sorry for John Bel. What a mess he has to deal with. Wonder if he can even hope to get a second term. Hell, he may decide he doesn't want a second term. Just hope he can help get us out of some of the crap Booby left us in.
    Take care Michael.

  2. Well, good to hear from you. Never feel like you've got to drop a comment, but yeah, I was hoping things weren't too drastic.

    As for the new governor, almost went to the public ceremony -- after all, I could walk -- but instead I was at the house because my furnace stopped working...and the repair guy was giving me the news. Damn. Well, good that I'd been mostly a homebody with low expenses for some time, because furnaces aren't cheap. But I also know that because the now ex-furnace was only ten years old. Jeez. Last time I trust Sears.

    Anyway, they replaced it Wednesday, and I've got a kerosene heater for emergencies. But still. Let's hope this one lasts as long as it's supposed to.

    Anyway, hope you're on the mend, and hope you like the Tigger picture. As noted, it's a favorite of mine...and he'll always be a special little guy in my book.

    Take it easy, have a good weekend.