Friday, January 15, 2016


From Album 6
One of my favorite photos of him.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Great photo of Tigger. Yes, I can see why it would be a favorite photo. Very good looking cat.
    Thanks for your kind comments, regards this old guy. I am getting better thanks. Still a bit slow, but doing fair all things considered.
    Ouch on the furnace. Sears once had a very good reputation for their items. Best I know, the Craftsman hand tools are still top rate, but as I recall, they have always been made by Proto or Snap-On. Sears didn't manufacture their own tools. I think it was/is the same with major appliances. Kenmore was/is made by some other corporation.
    Hope the new furnace lasts as long as the paper work says it should.
    Have a good weekend. Take care.

  2. True on Craftsman tools -- they're quite good. But the rest of Sears has fallen over the cliff. Think I heard somewhere that an Ayn Rand fanatic was calling the shots for at least a while, and might still be. It's resulted in the company tearing itself apart from within. Typical.

    Anyway, at least the new furnace seems to be doing its job. Nice that the house isn't an icebox in places. I guess another good thing is that it motivated me to finally clean some junk out of the attic. Crap that was there when I moved in, and lord knows how long before that.

    Well...slow day over here. Chores, cooking for the week and beyond. Damn, missed the Demo debate last night, not that it'll make any difference. Looks like HRC is the lesser of evils in the end. Hell, I'll vote for Sanders, assuming he's on the primary ballot here, but no way will they let him win the nomination...and if he did manage somehow, I really think the powers that be are so stupid they'd opt for Trump. Damn.

    But, all that said, I need to worry about other stuff right now: work is making organizational changes and the new administration is settling in. Better keep my head screwed on pretty tight, and my eyes open. Also a busy day tomorrow, for other reasons.

    Take care, hope you're continuing to feel a bit better.