Thursday, February 04, 2016

Tag Team

From Album 6
Christie's a natural at being a heel, Jeb!'s got money but is mostly just going through the motions...but no sympathy at all, especially considering this.


  1. While I have as little respect for any of the clowns from the elephant gang who are still running for POTUS, I almost, operative word almost, feel a small bit of compassion for Rubio now. Almost that is. Funny how that gang treat old dead Ronnie as if he were an actual saint, yet they forget the 11th commandment of their own gang; never speak ill of a fellow republican. Well, hey it is Christie and Jeb, so I suppose the commandments don;t apply to them.
    Oh, I enjoyed the comment on Jeb about the Shiavo case as being the 'Jebbest' thing Jeb has ever done. Oh for sure, he'd be one hell of a president. Right up there with brother W. in fact. If only we had more than the two wings of the war party to pick from. I may have to vote for the Greens this time. Yes, I still would like to see the Peace and Freedom party on the ballot here in Louisiana. Wonder if they are still on the ballot in California. I may have to check one day…………maybe.
    Well, the weather has turned cooler here. Stay warm and take care.

  2. Brother W. also intervened in the Schiavo case, now that I think of it. Forget exactly what he did, but I'm pretty sure he even Air Forced One from his faux ranch in Crawford to sign something... to Rubio, nah: let 'em sling mud at each other, and the more damage, the better. Hell, in comparison, the Sanders/Clinton appearance yesterday was...well, it's the difference between adults and the bratty GOP children. Bernie's forcing HRC to at least pretend to listen to liberal/left concerns. Then again, either one will be dealing, or maybe enduring, a GOP House of Batshit Insane Representatives. Good luck.

    Anyway...tomorrow is the local Mardi Gras parade. Will be parked in over here. Oh well: once a year I need a Saturday to do nothing...except maybe fire up the grill, drink a bit during the day, and possibly even watch the parade. Might as well.

    Hope your weekend is ok up there.