Monday, February 01, 2016

Should Be On The Family Crest

From Album 6
Jeb! declares Mission Accomplished. No, really -- he did.


  1. Poor Jeb…….NOT.
    In this photo he looks like he has no idea where he is or why he is there or why he is wearing those clothes. I know we were told to not kick a person when they are down. Well, the Marines taught us that we need to kick them then, you don't have to raise your foot very high. I suppose Jeb can say that he beat lil' Bobby…….well, big deal, a cartoon cut out could have done that…….and did, the other clowns running for the elephant gang nomination.
    Nice weather up here the last few days. May get a bit of rain tomorrow or so, not much but some….maybe.
    Take care and hope you don't get cut. Bobby sure screwed the state big time. Now we all will have to tighten our belts and try to get past his mess.

  2. You're right about the PBJ mess -- truly epic. Yeah, let's see...and hope.

    As for Jeb, well, it took me a while, because Google Translate won't do it, but I discovered that a rough Latin approximation of Mission Accomplished is Missio Perfecta Est. Ought to put it on the Bush family crest. Wow, have they managed to outdo each've got Dad, then W. -- let's not forget Neil -- then, in god knows what order, Jeb!, Marvin, and Doro. Geez...

    Saw that Jeb!'s expenditures came to about $2,800 per vote. But losing the "smart" title to his brother George? Priceless. Some things money can't by, etc. etc. the rain earlier...need to check when things turn cold. Don't want to run the a/c unless I have to.

    Take it easy...