Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The Selling Of The President, 2016

We've gotten to the point where the candidate is both product...and pitchman. Christ.


  1. And yet he keeps winning the primaries. Well, this just proves that 'Merikkka is done for. I seriously fear for the kids who will inherit this mess. This country had such great promise, or should have. Yes, in truth the presidency has been for sale to the highest bidders for a long time, but holy hell, Trump is just outright buying the job/office. While it makes me sick to see this, the elephant gang did this to us and, delicious irony, to themselves. Trump could actually break that gang of moronic fools apart for good. Hey, that leaves the door open for a real chance for a decent third party in the very near future then. A party that would represent the working class. Forget about this supposed 'middle class'. I was born into a working class family and stayed as such, no shame in admitting that, but so many of my peers, even in high school, thought they were middle class. Bullshit! If you work for wages, you are working class. Bank managers, most medical doctors and administrators may be middle class. Oh, but in 'Merikkka, to say you are working class sounds so 'communistic' so we try like hell to never use that term. Just call me disgusted with that bullshit hypocrisy.
    Hope you didn't get too wet. We had rain most all day and night with more tomorrow and Friday predicted. The worst was to the West and North of us. Saw on the local TV news that up North they may get 24 inches of rain by the time this storm front passes this weekend. Hell, that is almost the annual total for parts of SoCal and they'll get it in less than seven days. Well, the old Red River will be up for a while now. Stay safe and dry.

  2. Well...even more amazing is that Trump's less buying it outright and more conning the shit out of everyone. He's hardly spent any money at all...and I seriously doubt he's as filthy rich as he claims. Oh, he's got money, but I'd bet he's also leveraged out the wazoo...and I read somewhere that he's personally assessed the "value" of his last name at something like $3 billion dollars. How humble.

    But, like all con artists, he fully commits, and right now he's managed to take, what, a third of the GOP electorate for suckers. Now, admittedly, these aren't exactly the sharpest knives -- they're the GOP base, after all, with all that entails -- but he's going all in. And the corporate media's buying it by the steam shovel, or at least riding along for the ratings.


    Anyway, like I mentioned, I'm taking the next couple of days off from this. The weather's crappy, but fortunately not deathly crappy in my immediate area, knock on wood. And I've got a couple of things to keep me busy. Even managed to knock out a quick project, moving some brackets to add some shelves here in the computer room. I think they're actually level, hahaha. Also repaired my chair. The damned hydraulic base wouldn't stay put, so I took an old piece of PVC, cut it to size, and fit it. So, the chair no longer adjusts, but since I'm the only one who sits in it, that's fine...

    So, have a good weekend. I should be back on Monday. Hope the rain and the Red don't get too out of hand.