Monday, March 07, 2016

Pick Your Poison

And here's as good an explanation as any on how it got to be this way...


  1. Absolutely. The so-called leadership of that gang is responsible for the mess they have today. Now, will those clowns actually admit this and take responsibilities for it? Will they do what is needed to stop this from happening again, and again, etc…….? I have my doubts about that. Maybe when they see what passes as the elephant gang start to fall into millions of very tiny pieces,then, and only then might they start to try and fix the mess. Of course by then it will be way too late. They have sown the seeds of their own downfall/destruction. For some reason the old phrase; hoist by their own petard, comes to mind about now. Yeah, I AM rubbing salt into their self-inflicted wounds. Hey, they deserve it for the mess they have made of national, even state and local politics and the mockery of what passes as our elections.
    Well, try and stay dry this week. The weather report for here says rain all week, heavy rain and large rainfall totals predicted for Wednesday/Thursday for this part of the state. If you see an old guy floating South, it might be me…LOL.

  2. Weather-wise, it began today for a bit...and the next few days are supposed to be a bit of a deluge. Well...had to run over to the other data center across town to do some work, so good that I got that done before it hits. Then...ride it out.

    Sorry I don't have anything today. What else can you say -- or depict -- on some days?

    And yeah, the GOP has been spiraling downward for, well, a generation or more. For all his alleged smarts, Goldwater himself was...well, compared to Nixon, but that's one hell of a low bar. Arizona was built by the federal government, first with the military shoving the natives into reservations, then by massive public works like the Hoover Dam...Barry's parents and grandparents made a nice living and provided for their children by, if I remember, running a department store that catered to the folks chasing what amounted to government jobs. Some conservatism.

    And it's just gotten worse...and worse...well, that's what happens when you choose myth over truth...and then you double down even more. Political philosophy as fundamentalist religion. Well, that or plain old authoritarianism with Trump, and more than a bit of that with Cruz. I swear, as bad as HRC might be, anyone who chooses the GOP over her... know, I might have something tomorrow, but I might also be taking a couple of days off after that. No, this isn't taking much of my time, but other things are, and I could probably use a break. Just letting you know. Thanks as always for passing along your thoughts.

    Take it easy. Again, probably something tomorrow, and a picture of Tigger Friday, but otherwise, I think I'll be looking to break until next week.