Thursday, May 19, 2016

Are There No Prisons?

So, Tom Cotton thinks the US doesn't jail enough people...even though we're number one on earth when it comes to incarceration.

By the way -- the fact that we don't catch all perps of violent crime might be because so much time and effort is spent on arresting and imprisoning non-violent drug offenders. Just saying.


  1. The legislatures, state and federal, keep making new laws. Well, it is a huge waste of time and paper. I remember when I lived in SoCal, the city council asked the city attorney at a meeting if they needed a new law to deal with graffiti/vandalism. Being permanently disabled at the time (and still yet..damn life can suck) I went to the courthouse and the law library. I asked the librarian how to check the books for various laws, she was very polite and helpful. I made copies of some old laws that were still on the books state wide. Went home and made more copies, one for each council member plus the city attorney and the clerk. Handed them out at the next meeting and told them, we don't need more new laws, just enforce those that still existed. OK, maybe update the penalties some, but there were already plenty of existing laws to cover all they were so concerned about.
    Of course these supposed law makers feel they need to make new laws so it looks like they are actually doing something.
    I agree that minor drug offenses have no need for jail/prison time at all. Want to keep kids off drugs? Give them some good counseling, set good examples for them (hey dad, don't get drunk then drive home from the bar). Maybe have recovering addicts tell them how drugs can mess them up, big time.
    My grandpa used to tell me that when a poor man steals a loaf of bread to feed his starving kids, he'll go to jail. When a big shot steals millions, he gets high praise and/or a medal, no punishment. Hell, with all the stolen money, he/she can afford a damn good lawyer.
    As the sign says; the system isn't broke. It was designed this way.
    Have a good weekend. We may get rain tonight/tomorrow morning.

  2. The rain here came yesterday. Haven't checked the weekend forecast, but hope it stays clear long enough to get the outdoor chores out of the way.

    Similar to your own adage about stealing: if you owe the bank a thousand dollars and can't pay it back, you're in trouble. If you owe the bank a million dollars and can't pay it back, the bank's in trouble...

    It's expensive to be poor...especially in the land of the free...yeah, free...if you own it.

    Well, have a good weekend as well. Next week may or may not see me real active here. Depends on how things go on jury duty...