Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Just Go Away

Tone deaf? Nah, that's putting it too nicely. More like asshole dipshit...and even that might be diplomatic.


  1. This piece of crap s beyond crazy. Certifiably insane seems near appropriate to me. He actually tried to sell the gun he used to kill an innocent kid. How damn nuts can a person get? He had no reason at all to confront the young man. The dispatcher told him to STOP following the young man, police were responding. My opinion, Georgie makes Trump look sane and that is not good in any way. This type of nut is why the country is going to hell fast. Well, the politicians who allow and encourage this type of moron are equally at fault.
    Being a young person in 'Merikkka is hard enough without moronic asshats like Georgie running around with loaded guns. I have to stop now as the more I think about this critter, the more my blood pressure rises to insane levels and I'd like to confront George myself. I'd give the rat bastard a bit of Marine Corps beat down. Maybe 6 months in ICU would give him time to think about his own crime(s). Damn, what a country.

  2. What amazes me is that very few people/pundits, if any, note that Trayvon Martin was ... being completely rational and even reasonable by Florida, um, legal standards, as awful as Florida legal standards are. Hell, he was being stalked by a lunatic ... a lunatic not from the immediate area, and armed with a 9mm gun. If anyone had stand your ground rights, it was him.

    Zimmerman really is a piece of work. And it speaks volumes that he was lauded by all the usual wingnut suspects, at least until the arrests really started to pile up. Then they quietly dropped him down the memory hole.

    Damn him.