Monday, June 27, 2016

Plenty Of Good Seats Still Available

Looks like a lot of usual faces RSVP'ed "other plans" on the Cleveland invite...


  1. Poor little rich boy. Nobody important, well self important any way, wants to come to his big party day. One could almost, operative word; almost, feel some tiny, very, very tiny, bit of compassion for him. Notice I said "one" as in not me. Yes, I can be down right nasty at times, times like this for one.
    70% negative rating country wide? Wow, he sure has got a high hill to climb to get to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in D.C. now. Did W. Shrub hit that low? My old worn out brain can't quite remember.
    Yeah the old iMac is acting odd again. I am starting to think the internal hard drive may be shot or at least need to be replaced. Not too costly. Hey I bought the computer new in Dec 2008 so I can't complain too much. Thing is, so many photos and songs are stored on it. Oh most, if not all the photos are on another external hard drive and on CD's/DVD's so no big deal, but I don't want to lose the rest of what is on that old beastie. Will try and get to the shop tomorrow.
    Old age and illness are not for the weak. LOL, old age and illness/injuries make one weak. Catch-22. Still have my first copy of that book and need to read it again soon. For fun, I re-read "Bored of the Rings" now and then. In about 200 pages, maybe less, it condenses the Hobbit and all three Lord of the Rings books in a great satire. Was done by the National Lampoon. Bought it in 1972 while a Marine in North Carolina. Yes, I also have and read the four books the satire/parody is based on. While I have seen the three Rings movies and they were good, the books are still better. Have not seen any of the Hobbit movies. Why did that one book need three movies? My answer, greed.
    Well, I will try and keep up, using the old Windows based lap top again this evening so I have access to the net. First time online since Friday evening. Just been down a few days.
    Well, I sure have ranted too long. Take care and have a good week.

  2. I was never much for fantasy stuff like Lord of the Rings, etc. Besides, there's plenty of all but the weird mysticism in real life or at least historical dramas, and I just don't deal with the mysticism stuff, to be honest.

    Haven't read Catch - 22...yet. It's on my list, but when I first tried, was too young. Maybe it's time to take a look again.

    Hope the shop's able to copy the data off the failing drive. Over here at work, I just dealt with someone whose workstation drive went kaput...well, that's why we very strongly encourage network storage, or at least regular backups to something like a flash drive. Fortunately, this person was storing to the network (backed up nightly) without being aware of it. Sometimes it's better to be lucky...

    Oddly, one thing I haven't yet done is get into cloud stuff. I feel like that's too easy to hack anyway, and I'm pretty good about my own backups to various things (flash drives, plus over here I've gone from disks to solid state drives -- basically flash drives on steroids)...well, and I guess this blog is sort of storage for Photoshop stuff.

    Sorry to repeat,, in the absence of any holy-shit crisis, this election is over. Trump is crashing and burning pretty badly. Good. Will he take the Rethug party down with him? Probably not...that's too bad, but what can we expect? They'll do their best to forget him, just like they've done with Bush Jr (his numbers were about as low -- yep, 30 percent of the country is composed of utter idiots who are also assholes)...and I live in the era of diminished expectations.

    Well, end of my own rant. Good luck with the repairs, hope the Windoze box isn't too much of a letdown. I try to be philosophical about that: their flakiness is how I earn a living.

    Take it easy.