Friday, June 24, 2016


I forget if I've already posted this one before -- it's also one I really like, though, so a second posting might be in order. Otherwise...have a good weekend.


  1. Glad you posted this one again.
    Been offline for a few days so I am not up on the Brexit mess. May need to take this computer to the shop Monday.
    Hope your weekend went well.

  2. Sorry about the computer, hope it's not something that'll set you tons back, dollar - wise...or tons plus, if you were using ££££s...idiots: no wonder all the wingnuts cheered at Britain deliberately shooting itself in the foot. Must've been using an AR-15, and maybe even knew how to modify it for full automatic.

    But hey, they really hate foreigners. Too bad the same foreigners make their clothes, drill/refine their oil, grow a fair amount of their food (and cotton), process the lumber, forge the steel ... and others do a lot of the grind work to either get it to the island or even construct the houses and other buildings. Welcome to the global market.

    Too bad they all insisted on gutting the social safety net...and later, during the Cameron reign of error, insisted on austerity when the financial markets crashed and burned (funnier still, though not real fun for all of us affected, the financial markets were and will remain England's real contribution to the mix...not unlike with the US...though our military also tends to keep things, um, in order).

    Dumb...just plain dumb. Dumber still is the fact that, at least in theory, the public does have the ability to ensure that money isn't so heavily concentrated...meanwhile, the resources that money purchases ARE in sufficient quantities to ensure no one has to needlessly starve in substandard housing. But...the myth of scarcity is strong...and one that's used by the elites to keep their grip. Well, that and fear/hate the foreign.

    What a damn mess.

    Well, dinner time for me. Take it easy, sorry for the long rant.