Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Who Needs Photoshop Today?

Because, honest, this is an actual if rather cheaply constructed billboard put up by admittedly fringe/gadfly candidate for congress out of Tennessee and owner of, go figure, a restaurant named Whitewater Grill, Rick Tyler. However, the very fact that Tyler, a vocal supporter of, who else, Donald Trump, feels comfortable with this...speaks volumes...example front and center of the whole past-isn't-even-past assertion. Damn.


  1. Holy crap! The very fact this clown was allowed to put up the bill board is an outrage of the highest order. Well, about all I can add is; welcome to 'Merikkka 2016. No doubt this sort of shit will be the new "norm" once president Trump takes office January of 2017.
    Sorry Michael, but this is just too damn depressing for words.
    Football on the TV? Is that part of the Copa America series?

  2. is depressing, though hopefully there's some last throes to it at least in part. The bitter enders like this shithead will always be slithering around on the fringes, but maybe this is the desperate lashing out at a world that if it isn't long gone, has gone away...after all, we elected you-know-who...twice.

    Of course, the fact that you-know-who is actually a moderate to conservative Democrat who on policy matters matches liberal Republicans of 50 years ago is a subtlety lost on them. They're a little fixated on skin color, as this billboard demonstrates. Goddamn.

    And yes, the soccer match was one of the Copa America semi-finals. The USA lost to Argentina in the other...people who know more about soccer told me the US was missing several players due to some questionable officiating in earlier matches which forced them to sit out the semi-final...but Argentina is also one of, if not THE top team in the world. Chile ended up pulling out a win. Good for them.

    I'll watch the final on Sunday, I guess. You know, a couple of things I like: sure, it can be slow, boring even (hey, just like baseball! Go figure..) but games are also over in a couple of hours, since they don't bow to the almighty corporate dollar and lard up the games with commercials. A lesson for other aspects of life...

    Take it easy.