Friday, February 13, 2004

John Kerry Sightings

I started out at Atrios, whose guest poster now has an altered copy of an altered copy of a Kerry photo debunked by Snopes--Jane Fonda has been replaced by WTC Waldo. Meanwhile, Washing the Blog has some additional photos of the Senator, indicating he present at a number of important events, including the assassination of Oswald (or his blues debut, depending on your point of view), the crash of the Hindenburg, etc. etc.

About the only place Kerry hasn't yet been seen at is The Last Supper and/or the Crucifixion, although at this point I wouldn't be surprised at all if Ed Gillespie claims to notice a surprising resemblence between the junior Senator from Massachusetts and a certain convicted felon named Barabas who is furloughed by a certain Massachusetts' Governor Dukakis, um, certain Roman Procurator Pilatus.

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