Thursday, February 12, 2004

Misogyny 101

Mary posted this earlier today and it almost made me hurl. Here's a quote from the AP story that she referenced:

'When we're considering an innocent life, the health of the mother is not a substantial enough justification to take the innocent life,' said Republican Rep. Matt McCaulley, chief sponsor of the bill.

I recommend following the links that Mary references.

If there is any justice in the world, Matt would have to limit his romantic liasons to bovines or ovines (and perhaps the occasional goat) after a statement like that. My position, and the position of those who I support is simple: Termination of a pregnancy is a woman's choice. Period. If a woman chooses to terminate a pregnancy, it is her right. End of story. A woman, in consultation with her physician, has the right to make her own decisions as to her health--physical (which includes reproductive--duh), and mental. If you can't handle that, too bad, so sad, find a tissue to cry into.

Those who say they're merely "advocates" for the "unborn child" are full of shit. It's NOT an unborn child. It is a fetus. It is NOT an independent life.

Like Bill Hicks said, if the anti-abortion idiot fucks really hold life to be sacred, why don't they lock arms and block cemetaries. Until then, count me in the corner of those who hold the position that a woman's rights are more important than the requirement that she carry a fetus to term if she does not want to--and that's for ANY reason she so deems.

End of story. Enjoy the cows, Matt McCaulley.

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