Friday, February 13, 2004

Speaking of Hedonism

I've decided to stay away from the Kerry/Intern story until I see more beyond slimemongers like Matt Drudge (I purposely provide no link to clowns like him). I will, however, link to Al Giordano, not the least because he provides a quaint Louisiana reference in his own take on the matter:

I once asked [James] Carville about [the Gennifer Flowers incident in 1992]. I mentioned that he had been a student of T. Harry Williams - author of the biography "Huey Long," at LSU. Williams had a revealing passage in that book about Long's attitude toward his own "sex scandals." Every time the pro-oil company newspapers ran another front page story about Governor Long being seen speeding down the highway at six in the morning with one hand on a flask and the other around a young lady, his aides would coming running to him, panicked, and he'd say something like, "this is good press! It shows the voters that I'm a cracker just like them!" (Carville didn't say a word in response, by the way.)

I'll admit I went to Drudge to see what he had to say this morning about all this: apparently, on the Don Imus show (yet another creep who looks like he never got away from his Beavis and Butthead years), Kerry is denying all. Does that mean I believe him? No. Does that mean this is over? No. But if this remains the realm of quacks like Drudge and the right-wingnuts, this will do little to harm the Senator's reputation, and, oddly, could enhance it--see Giordano's article. Teflon has no party loyalty.

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